Unfree Time

Become FreeI do believe it is true to some extent, the old adage about there never being enough time. There is entirely too much to do; too many places to travel, too much TV to watch, too many people to help, too many books to read, too many video games to play, etc. I really could go on. It hasn’t always been the case but these days I’m okay with it, even amused by it.

Lately I’ve been happily compiling it all into lists. Luckily virtual piles take up so little space and you can even keep most of it in the cloud. I have ever-growing lists of new music to listen too, new food to try, new things to learn and more. Sometimes it’s just fun going through and expanding on the lists. It all grows faster than I can really keep up with but I remain undaunted.

Here’s the point. As I am getting older, many of the even older people in my life, the much older ones, have passed away or are not doing so well. One of the things I have learned from them is to keep busy. Many of them got lonely, bored, and angry and it contributed to them becoming sick and dying. I have so much to do that I won’t have time for that, dying that is. I prefer to replace those negative emotions with action, learning, and travel and a whole bunch of playing around. I’ll be far to busy to die. In fact, I’ve already begun.

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