To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Sleeping in bedI’ve been trying to go to sleep at a reasonable time of late but it has been often difficult because I don’t feel tired. As I lay there in the darkness my mind conjures up conflict. Entire scenarios, some highly probable and others of total fantasy play out in my head. Sometimes the conflict is only verbal and other times it is physical. They would be stressful enough in real life but with my eyes closed and being aware that it’s only in my head, the stress is just enough to keep me from sleeping. I don’t open my eyes because I’d just have to start the process of trying to go to sleep all over again. Eventually I drift off but it feels like it’s an hour or two later. When I was younger I felt like I had more control of my dreams, now it’s like swimming in the ocean. I think I need a meditation class or something.

This all happened over a few weeks ago. Turns out most of it was due to me eating too close to bed time. Now I’m trying to finish eating earlier. My dreams have been much better.

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