Rest In Peace

2016-05-17 20.03.51A kid got murdered around the corner from me. He was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the park. I found out because of the vigil being held as I drove by on the way home. I’ve always felt safe at that park too, running laps for exercise and attending community meetings. I didn’t know the kid or the family but we are connected. A friend of mine was close to the family. They didn’t know the victim well but they knew the Mother. The whole thing is more than a little unsettling.

Maybe this is just another signal that it is time for me to leave this place. My home went into escrow just a few days before the incident. While I know this is insensitive, had this happened earlier, it could have jeopardized the sale. I’m very ready to leave this all behind. Soon after this child is laid to rest I will be laying to rest my life in this city, this town, this state and moving forward to what is next for me. As I move forward I wish the soul of this child and his family peace.

2016-05-17 20.03.32

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