Heading to Houston – Day 2

HoustonI knew I would make it to Houston this day. It was my plan all along and I had no intention of failing. That said, once again I awoke from a fitful sleep but this time I was two hours behind due to crossing two time zones. The sun was out and I was hungry. The motel I spent the night in offered something that resembled breakfast. It wasn’t a hot meal but I didn’t want to waste time stopping somewhere else. I opted for two hard boiled eggs, some juice and coffee.

It was a good thing I stopped where I did the night before. There was no lodging available for miles. The scenery was green and flat. The highway was mostly two lanes and there were plenty of big rigs on the road so I couldn’t just cruise as I had to speed up to pass them frequently. There was intermittent rain as well, enough to slow me down and affect visibility. Before it started I could see for miles so I watched as the clouds formed up and there was often lightning in the distance.

I was an hour out of Houston when my soon-to-be roommate texted me to see where I was. This was also about the time where I was going to stop because I was getting hungry. I decided to press on because I was so close and use the hunger to drive me. I almost regretted that decision by the time I got into city limits because anxiousness to be finished and my hunger had nearly turned me into a monster. I took a toll road because that appeared to be the faster way to my destination but there was no place to pay getting on or off the highway so now I’m probably a wanted man. Outside of that, this was my first time passing through any part of Texas without getting a ticket.

I made it safe and sound, arriving before dinner time. It was hot and humid but I was safe and relatively sound. My car made it without any hiccup. Now to explore this strange new place.

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