No More Consoles…Probably

My XBox 360 died the other day and I was upset at first but later not so much. I still have games for it that I’ve never played. Some are even still in plastic. I thought of the waste of it all and looked up the prices for another one. Then I though about getting an XBox One but was worried that still wouldn’t be able to play the 360 games. I priced that too and while I have the money, I didn’t want to pay another $300+ for yet another disappointing console.

My 360 was gathering dust anyway. I only occasionally played it and then only for single player games as XBox Live requires you to pay their monthly fee for multiplayer. Even the un-played games I have were either giveaways are used. I’m not sure what to do with them now. I thought about trying to get my console repaired but considering my infrequent use, it just doesn’t seem worth the money.

I was pretty much console free before getting the 360 years ago. Before that I stopped buying them way back after the Sega Dreamcast got discontinued. I just gave up and went PC only. Years later I got the 360 so I could have games to play in the living room with friends. Later the XBox One came out and when they said it wouldn’t be able to play 360 games I was done. I resigned myself to play the 360 games I had on the system I had until it died. Now it’s dead.

PC Games pretty much rule my gaming time anyway. I used to keep an old PC connected to my TV to play them there. Now I have a Steam Link so I can stream directly to the living room TV when I want the console experience and it works pretty surprisingly well. PC games remain playable almost forever anyway, even if I get a new computer. Multiplayer is free too. I may have over a thousand games that I can play at any given time.

I may get a console again someday. There are some unique games that are only playable there that I’d like to play. Different consoles have different ones though and I don’t want to commit to any non-PC ecosystem. That’s not even considering the price of the games and all the DLC. Right now it just doesn’t seem to be worth it. I can’t even play all the games I already own.

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