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With my Moviepass card I can see 30 movies in the theater in 30 days for $9.99. I go to the movies more now than I ever have before which isn’t anywhere near 30 movies a month but well worth that price. One of the things I have come to notice is that TV is better though not necessarily in terms of sheer quality. There’s more of it. There’s more of it I like. There’s more of it that moves me. This is not to cast a negative light on movies. It’s just that for all the movie releases each month, they really only provide me with a few hours of pleasure, an amount that can be surpassed by one good binge-worthy season of a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime at about the same price.

The theater is a great venue and nothing really beats seeing a movie that way. Still, my home theater is nothing to sneeze at. The food is cheaper and there are no lines. There’s also the fact that if I wait long enough, every good movie becomes viewable at home a few short months after release in the theater. I don’t relish the idea of a world without movie theaters. There something special about seeing a movie in the theater, especially with friends. The budgets available to movies makes more possible. It’s just that right now, I think television is clearly winning.

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