TV Size Matters

I want a really big TV. Let’s start with that. Ideally it should be 85” or better. There is logic behind that particular measurement but even if there was not I would still be holding out for that size. I might be willing to go as small as 75” but it would need to be an undeniable deal and even then I might hesitate.

Here’s the current situation. I have a 55” TV in the living room. It’s 4K with HDR. It’s not the best on the market but I have no complaints. There isn’t that much 4K content anyway but there are games that play in 4K. Therein lies the problem. The games on my Playstation and Xbox look great but when it comes to reading onscreen text I really have to lean in. I’ve had to move my chair ridiculously close to the TV to compensate. It could be my eyes just going bad and that’s certainly part of it but there’s more. I’m really a PC gamer at heart. I like the intimacy of the PC. In order to get that feeling on the console I need to move in really close or get a much bigger TV. Guess what my choice is?

A 55” TV is average and pedestrian. I could go 65” but that isn’t much bigger and I probably wouldn’t even notice the change. 75” is the next logical choice. That difference I’d definitely notice but I want the grand experience. If I get a 75” TV, that’s easily matched by my friends/distinguished competition. An 85” TV is not to be denied and if one has to have a goal, it should be one that requires one to really reach for it.

Gaming on a 85” TV would be awesome and I’m not the only one who thinks so. In fact it appears that since I have a 4K TV, either I’m sitting too far away or I definitely need a bigger screen.

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