Co-op, not PVP

I play a lot of video games, probably too much, but in this time of “stay at home” I have an abundance of free time. Most of the games I play are single player games. I jump in when I want, play for as long as I want and stop when I want. It’s as peaceful for me as it is fun. Most of the world’s gamers seem to be playing multiplayer games these days, especially battle royale games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite. I’ve tried them but these are not for me. I often find the communities toxic and I don’t get to play how I want to play as the teams require you to comply if you want to win. Going against this is when you meet the worst outbursts and other assorted negativity. Also, there is no learning on your own as you are required to play with others regardless of your competence. For these reasons I leave such games alone and truthfully don’t miss them but I do miss being able to play games with friends.

Lately I have rediscovered a game called Dauntless. It’s a monster hunter type game but it’s mostly about fighting them and using their hides to create better weapons to go out and fight bigger and stronger monsters. It’s a fun game but what has made it great for me is playing with friends. It’s co-op and not PVP which is perfect for me. So my friends and I get together and take down monsters together and talk about what is happening in our lives over the headset. So far everyone I introduce the game to loves it. It’s free to play and multiplatform so we can play together no matter what system each of us has. You should join us. Feel free to add me as a friend. My callsign is “Tanjectory”. Hope to see you in game.

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