Exam (2009)

The entire Exam movie takes place in one room. The candidates/participants are all competing for a highly desirable employment opportunity. These are the finalists and how they perform on the exam they are about to take will be the deciding factor in who gets the job. There are a bunch of interesting rules provided before the exam begins that, if broken, will result in disqualification for the participant. When the exam begins, each candidate turns over their paper to find that it is blank and that is where it gets interesting. All the candidates are intelligent, adaptable, capable, and competitive so what they do may or may not surprise you but in the end only one of them will get the job. Who do you bet on?

None of the actors are big names in the U.S. and the whole movie has a bit of a foreign feel to it. What made me like is trying to figure out what I would do in this situation and comparing it to how it played out in the movie. This was not a huge movie but perfect for Blockbuster night.

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