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First Few Weeks In Vegas

It’s hot out here in Las Vegas. There’s been a heat advisory for almost two weeks with triple digit temperatures surpassing the recorded record. It’s not like what I’m used to in Houston because there is humidity there. The air bakes you. Here it’s more like being too close to the bonfire in every direction I walk. What’s better here is that it cools off through the evening to some extent. I can go for my morning walk provided I do so early enough before the heat kicks back in.

I’m renting a small house in Henderson, NV now which is not actually Las Vegas but close enough. I really like it here so far. There are some palm trees here. The neighborhood I live in is clean and quiet and people are nice. They wave and speak and have so far been very kind. Any kind of food I could ever want to eat is within a 15 minute radius and all my friends, those living in Las Vegas proper are within 30 minutes or less.

Of all the times I have ever visited Las Vegas it has never rained but today as I write this it is raining and I quite like it. It does actually rain in the desert. Who knew? I haven’t been here a month yet but it feels so peaceful here and I can’t think of a thing to complain about. There is still a lot to explore about this place but for now, life is good.

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