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I’ve quit Netflix. In the scheme of things, this is not a big deal, obviously a first-world problem sort of thing. I’ve been a subscriber of Netflix services non-stop since they only provided DVDs in the mail and I really expected to just keep paying them without issue forever, as I considered them a worthy staple in my entertainment budget. That changed last year.

Last year I got offended when they raised their prices. I actually called in and asked why but they gave me a bunch of nonsense regarding needing to get more content. How is that my problem when I already pay them a monthly fee? It was insulting but I just paid the new prices like a sheep. I did however take a stand at that point. I would leave them the next time they raised their prices and now, it appears they have. I don’t have to pay the new prices yet as I am already an existing subscriber, but they are about to become the most expensive streaming service and they provide me no additional value to justify the increase.

The truth is I really like the Netflix service. I always find new content monthly that almost feels like it was created with me in mind, more so than any other service but it’s not platinum content. I don’t feel like I should pay an additional premium as if this service is a privilege to be a part of. I realize I’m making an issue over a dollar or two, maybe $5 monthly over the last 5 years. I guess I feel like my loyalty was rewarded with increased devotional requirements. Netflix made me feel special with its content but like a fool with its annual price increases. No more.

What am I doing now? I still have access to Netflix. Did you really think I would totally leave them? I just don’t pay them anymore. I reached out to my personal network and found someone who would share their service with me then canceled my service contract with the company. I will no longer sing its praises in person or in print but I will watch what I like when I want. Netflix will just have to get more content on the backs of others. My financial fealty is over.

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