Work and Fulfillment

work-fulfillmentThere’s a guy who sits next to me at work that keeps all the computers, software, and phones working at the company. He has a supervisor, of course, but he still does most of the hard work. Anything that can be delegated is delegated to him. I feel sorry for him though not too much as he probably makes much more than me. He’s a real nice and soft spoken guy. I asked him what he does after work and he said he basically stays away from computers when he leaves the job except for maybe his phone. It’s very different for me.

I work on the computer all day in front of two screens but the computer is just a tool to get something done. If I doesn’t work right or fast I go to someone else to fix it. When I’m at home, the computer is more than a tool and I pretty much have to fix everything myself which includes research, reading, and experimenting. I actually like that a lot. Recently I have been working on a web project that has taken hours of my time but after looking back I found that I really enjoyed it. I’m not really trained it this work, have no certifications, and am probably really inefficient but the work is really fun. I have begun to realize that my life feels more fulfilling when I have projects especially those that require creativity and experimentation. My current job does not meet those needs. The job market is ugly and I’m lucky to be able to meet most of my other needs with the job I have but I need to find a way to bring these things together … even if that means going out into the unknown.

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