Leaving The Beach

Beach GoodbyeAs I prepare myself to leave Southern California I have been giving much thought to the beach access I will be giving up. I like that I can literally have my feet in the ocean a mere 15 or 20 minutes after leaving my house. I went there the other night to begin the process of saying goodbye. I had to walk up to the water to get away from the sounds of traffic and when I did all I could hear was the ocean. You know what? It wasn’t all that. I’ve been living here for years and have never been much of a beach person do I do tend to enjoy it in the cool of the evening. I took in a lot of air in an attempt to get a proper scent of memory but nothing came. It wasn’t that the place smelled particularly bad or that the visit wasn’t enjoyable overall. It just didn’t live up to the memory or mental concept that I’ve been holding onto. Perhaps the beach will simply become more of a vacation place to visit in my future. It appears that I will be able to let go of the easy access that I seldom use anyway.

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