A Moment Of Peace

content young man sitting meditating in comfy chair

I had a moment of absolute quiet this past weekend. It was a bit surprising and while not unfamiliar, it had certainly been too long since I’d experienced it. I stopped doing what I was doing to savor it a bit. There was some sound but it was that of my body, mainly my breathing. I listened for more but there was nothing else. It was excellent!

The street I live on is narrow. Sometimes I can even hear conversations going on in other houses. Having a roommate doesn’t help. I contribute to it myself with the TV, video games, music, etc. Work isn’t any better.  It’s too loud on any given day. Multiple conversations going on in multiple languages creates a annoying cacophony. Even the conversations in the languages I can understand are often inane and/or filled with far too much unnecessary profanity. Back at home it’s always challenging to meditate. I’m already not very good at it. My inner voice is actually pretty loud and insistent and the noise doesn’t help. All that to say, I appreciated those few moments of real silence where even my own mind was quiet. I need to look into recreating that on some kind of regular basis.

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