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Thanks to the Internet I’ve had the chance to see things that I’ve never get to see anywhere else and in a way that’s a shame. TV shows I liked get cancelled and some never get beyond a pilot or even an intro. Video games don’t get completed. Movies don’t get released. It’s probably a waste of time to mourn something that never was but I just want to pay tribute from time to time to TV, movies, and video games that never got to see the light of day. There are some really creative people who make amazing works of art or at least start to but due to what is likely business, politics, and/or economic concerns that work sometimes just goes away or put in a landfill somewhere. Obviously I have some emotion about this so I’ll be bringing this up again. Anyway here are a few cartoons that didn’t get made, completed, released, or whatever that I would have enjoyed.

Super-Turbo-Atomic-Ninja-RabbitSUPER TURBO ATOMIC NINJA RABBIT was never made though there were a whole lot of people that will swear that it was. Supposedly there’s a comic out there somewhere but I’ve never seen it. What I have seen is this video that made my heart burst with all the joy I ever got from watching everything from ThunderCats, TNMT, and whole bunch of Anime as a kid. I would so have watched this if it was ever a series.

Buffy AnimatedBuffy the Animated Series was clearly going to be a spin-off of the live action Buffy series and I will pretty much watch anything that has something to do with Joss Whedon. That being said I took a look at the promo and the great dialog that I expect from Mr. Whedon’s shows was there so I was sold.

SolarmanSolarman Comic was an actual Superhero from Marvel Comics. He even fought Dr. Doom. Marvel created an animated pilot for the character in in the 80’s but nobody picked it up. Consequently or coincidentally the comic was cancelled after only a few issues. Fox later aired the pilot as a TV special and I think it was pretty good especially considering the time it was created. It had sort of a He-Man, Captain Planet vibe.

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