Free Birthday Food

Free Birthday Food1I like to celebrate my birthday the entire month. Over the years I have found plenty of local establishments (most of them large chains) that give out free food for your birthday. For most of them you have to join their online club and endure the frequent emails to get you to come into their establishment and you want to do that before your birthday to make sure you get the prize. A lot of them are BOGOs so you might have to bring a friend to enjoy them. Here are a few that I enjoy pretty much every year.

  • El Torito gives you a free meal for up to $12.99 on your entree.
  • Benihana gives you a free meal of up to a $30 value provided someone else in your party pays full price for theirs.
  • Denny’s gives you a free Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday. No signup necessary and they will give you the credit towards a different meal if you don’t want a Grand Slam. It must be on your birthday. They check your ID. I have however successfully used it multiple times throughout the day.
  • Red Robin gives you a free Birthday burger but you have to join their online club.
  • Shakey’s gives you a complimentary Bunch of Lunch buffet with purchase of a beverage. Join the club.
  • El Pollo Loco this year gave me a choice between an original chicken tostata or a 2pc fire grilled chicken dinner.

Now I have to go on some kind of diet to purge all that bad eating from my system.


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