Leave It To The Experts

With all the worry I had about what it would take to get my house ready to sell I procrastinated for weeks. That all changed once I called my real estate agent. She is amazing. Once she came by to see the place everything happened like clockwork.

  • Sunday: Real Estate Agent came to view the property
  • Monday: Contractor showed up to view the scope of the work
  • Tuesday: Contractor provided a very reasonable quote and came by to get paint colors and do other miscellaneous prep work.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: Contractor did the work (fixing, installing and painting) and even went above and beyond the quoted work.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Gardener came by and, cut and trimmed everything and planted new plants.
  • Monday: Cleaning lady came by and gave the whole place a deep cleaning.
  • Tuesday: The “For Sale” sign showed up in my front yard and appointments were made for two potential buyers to view the property the very next day.

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