Last Day of Work

Dr. Seuss Quote for last dayIf you have any idea what I do at my current/former job, you probably already know that I don’t have to go looking for work. Stacks of files are placed on my desk daily each with their own inherent challenges and and timetable. Some of them stay at my desk for over a month in various states of completion. Today every one of them is gone and I have nothing to do. I do answer occasional questions by those people who have to handle my former accounts but I have left good documentation. Any other challenges can be answered with a little investigative work for which I have left ample breadcrumbs.

I have made my personal goodbyes to everyone that has been kind to me. There will be many people that will not even know of my departure for days. It’s a big enough office. There was no Bon Voyage party, just an occasional handshake or awkward hug. I’ve never hated this place but I am not sorry to leave it behind. It has served its purpose and I am thankful for it. I don’t really have much of any emotion about leaving. I guess in my head I’m already gone. The only challenge now is how to fill out the day with literally no work to do. There’s only so much Internet reading I can do in one sitting.

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