I’d Have Watched That

Once again we explore the trailer for TV shows that never were that I would definitely have watched:

Firefly Animated Series

This is not an actual animated series nor has it ever been but I am a fan of the Firefly live action series. The following is a fan made teaser trailer for a series that could exist but doesn’t. If there was a petition to sign to make it a reality though, I would definitely sign it.

Heat Vision & Jack

This Fox pilot is for a show that would have aired in 1999. It stars Jack Black as a former astronaut and the world’s smartest man and Owen Wilson as the voice of his living motorcycle. The video shows its age and the whole thing seems a bit derivative but had this show been released back then, I definitely would have watched it.

Indiana Jones

This one can still happen as the character is due to make a resurgence. This is more a concept trailer like the Firefly teaser above. I think if people are willing to watch Star Wars and Superheroes on TV then why not Indiana Jones.

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