Hacked At Work

My workplace got hacked. I found out about it after the fact which I guess is usually the case. My team lost access to a shared drive. Printers weren’t printing. Pretty much everything on the network that I deal with seemed to be affected. It took more than a day to fix as there was more going on wrong than I had a need to know. Not every user was affected the same way. They only things I really lost were items in my print queue and some network settings.

I overheard one of the techs explain it to someone else while he was fixing something at my desk. The company server(s) has been a victim of ransomware. I’m not sure how they got in but we have been getting regular spam and phishing emails for some time. The hackers locked up the company’s data and were demanding payment for release. Apparently our company is not planning to pay and is making the necessary adjustments. I wonder if any of our personal information is out there in the ether. I wonder if they’d tell us if it was.

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