Permission To Be Artistic

The arts were not encouraged when I was a child. They were not discouraged either as I was allowed to play the clarinet but as I look back at the academic adventures of myself and my siblings I don’t remember there being much pursuit of such things. I doodled but never learned to draw. I read but never really wrote. I supposed that could all be more about me than anything else. I did enjoy making websites and blogging for many years. These days writing feels like exercising freedom and while I do feel drawn to do it, I can’t say it provides me with noticeable joy.

At time of this post I am on vacation and just knowing that I won’t have to go to or even think about work for a while brought me to the keyboard. I have for the longest time believed that one’s job often takes your most creating time and energy and converts it into wages and benefits. With no one’s agenda guiding me but my own, I’m now feeling a bit artistically fertile and reckless. All of this makes me think about retirement coming sooner than later. What will my life be like when I don’t have to worry about money and won’t ever have to go back to work? What will my art look like?

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