Things I’ve Seen In My Backyard

When I lived in Southern California I would hear about people who lived in these newly developed areas who would find wild animals in their back yard. Some of those animals such as bobcats, mountain lions and the like were even large enough to run off with their pets. Well since I’ve been in Texas, I’ve encountered some animals too. None of them are as big as a bobcat but the list is growing. Here is what I’ve encountered so far:

A variety of insects including mosquitoes, bees, wasps and a full nest of hornets just above my front door
A hawk or eagle (I’ve only heard them, not seen them, but they were close.)
A possum. This is the most recent entry into my zoo. It was eating my dogs food at night. So many teeth.

It’s not the most comforting feeling knowing I have so many visitors in my back yard. What has me worried is not what I’ve seen but what I haven’t seen yet. Thankfully there have been no bobcat sightings yet.

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