Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time

I frequently use technology is make list of things to see, do, and research. When I’m at a bookstore I take photos of books to read later. I follow people online blogs, twitter, etc., that share my interests and when they drop gems I take notes. When I’m at a meet and greet I take note of new ideas, concepts, and resources to look into later. Sometimes I use my phone as if it were my personal assistant to help me keep track. What I have come to realize is that I take so many notes about things that excite me that I don’t have time to look into them all. I am effectively a hoarder of data. Sometimes it’s even more fun to collect it than to make use of it.

The data is all digital so while there is definitely clutter, it takes up no additional space in my home. Also, having so much to do gives me drive and impetus which is especially useful for me as I am more or less self motivated. It’s not stressful at all because outside of my major goals, these are just things I would like to do. I have heard stories of people that retire from work and die soon after. My thought is I can never die because I will always have too much to do and no lack of energy to get it done. The most valuable non-renewable resource is time so mine will be planned, purposeful and as full as I want it to be.

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