Pop Culture Overload Weekend

Pop culture is an inescapable bitch. She is especially bad when there are one or two aspects about her you really like. Take Game of Thrones for instance. I read the first three books before there was even a TV show about it. The show is now somewhere the books are not and the whole popularity of the show has ruined my will to read any more of the novels. It’s almost like the TV show is canon. I’m spoiled forever. What’s worse is I don’t have HBO so keeping up requires alternative means.
I had to see the new Avengers movie this past weekend because between the water cooler talk and the barrage of ads and YouTube interviews and reviews, I’d have to wear earplugs 24/7 to keep from having it spoiled. I definitely enjoyed the movie but in order to see it this weekend I had to actually catch a 4:30 AM showing. It’s luck I did because as soon as I got to work on Monday the spoilers were flying all over the place.
I really do make an effort to not be led by the nose into the pop culture miasma. I don’t watch the news. I don’t even have cable. I’m seldom on Facebook. I don’t hang out at the expensive trendy spots. I don’t drink myself into oblivion in the name of questionable fun. There’s so much nonsense out there. The problem is I am a card-carrying geek and there is so much media and experience catering toward my proclivities that I can’t stay totally out of it.

So basically between Avengers, and Game of Thrones, most of my weekend was spent paying homage to the various geek icons. I’m not even ashamed of my supplication.

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