Head In The Cloud

I’m a bit of a hoarder. I guess it comes from being raised in poverty. I tend to hold onto things I think may be of value some time in the future. I’ve recently been able to reset things a bit as I have moved to another state and left most of it behind. I still hoard things but now more of it is digital. To try to get that under control I started a project that would culminate in my own cloud.

Currently the idea is to house all my data; music, photos, videos, and documents in one place that I can access from anywhere. I have multiple computers, new and old, multiple backup hard drives and who knows how many files out in multiple cloud servers owned by other companies. It is a mess. I don’t want to lose any of it and I don’t want to trust in other companies to keep my data safe, especially ones I don’t actually pay.

The project required some research which I was willing to do and some money which I would have over time. I thought about re-purposing an older computer. It would have been somewhat cheaper but the process would have been much more frustrating and required much more learning than would be fun. I ended up purchasing a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution. There was still some learning to do but it was designed for what I needed.

It took a while to get the device to do what I needed it to do and I’m not finished yet but it has been a fun process. Apparently I really needed a project I could invest some emotion into. Too bad my soulless job does not provide this but I digress. I had a breakthrough the other day and have been able to automate much of what I wanted. I felt really smart afterwards. I been watching TED Talks almost daily ever since.

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