Lonely Lunch

So I’ve got this deal where I work from home for a week at a time, one week on and one week off. It’s a good deal and I’m not complaining. I tell people I am fully present to the following three things to be grateful for. I have a job where I still get my full pay. I get to work from home and my refrigerator is as full as my Netflix queue. I am also currently virus free. All that being said as I am living alone I have to take the time to be present to the moments of joy that come my way.

Since I do have to come into the office for a week at a time, I am thankful for the reduced traffic on the roads, a faster commute, and a relatively peaceful office space. Lunch time has been a bit of a challenge as I used to use that time to get away from the office but now there is no place I can go where I can sit and dine. I’ve taken to picking up food and looking for a peaceful place to park and eat. On this particular day I walked around the back of the restaurant I picked up food from and noticed they still had chairs and tables out by the water that no one was using. So on this day I got to eat lunch outside instead of in my car. It was a good day.

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