Working during COVID-19

I work in Logistics and my job is considered an essential service. I have not been laid off, downsized or otherwise negatively affected by COVID-19 in terms of employment and the subsequent income. We were given letters on company letter head to carry in our vehicles in case we are stopped and questioned. I am also in a good place in terms of safety from the virus at work because there is plenty of space between the cubicles and I do not have to deal with the public directly. In addition to this our company has instituted a work from home policy where most people work from home for a week alternating every other week, so the office is never crowded when I must go in.

I think the company has been pivoting well though there have been a few hiccups. We have had to wear masks coming into the office and when interacting with others. With the most recent mask requirement order they have insisted we wear the masks even when working alone at our desks. This has not gone over well as people eat and drink and are alone at their desks but compliance with this issue was not enforced after the first day. There have been the odd issues with elevator capacity and occasional people neglecting to put on their mask when walking through the office but nothing ongoing of note.

Today I got a text from my boss telling me not to come into the office. I worked from home last week, so this was my week to come in. The official mandate is that everyone is to work from home for the next two weeks and not even to come in to pick up files and other work. It turns out some undisclosed employee in the office has contracted the virus. I cannot say I am upset by the response. So, another couple of weeks working from home it is.

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