Christmas Vacation

I have the week of Christmas off and nothing to do. Everything exciting is locked down. Traveling is out of the questions especially to areas worse than my own. With no local family, and no real friends locally, I am beginning to feel a little sorry for myself. How ever will I spend the time?

There is a plan in place (Project Staycation) but it is not traditional, thanks COVID, and it doesn’t scratch that familiar holiday itch. It involves a lot of meditation, future planning, and catching up on year-long uncompleted projects and commitments. There will be a lot of tasty food and restaurants as some are still open. There will also be a lot of books, movies, TV, and video games. I am on vacation after all.

If there was no virus, I would be home for the holidays, visiting family, good friends, eating, drinking and being generally merry. I’d be spending a lot of money too, but I have it and that is what money is for. Alas, it is not to be. I am grateful for the peace I am enjoying and for my health which has gotten better thanks to a new regimen. Happy holidays to all that celebrate them and happy time off work to those that do not.

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