My Book Collection

In the past six years I have moved from one State to another, twice. Not everything survived the journey. My Book Collection was decimated but it was not as big a loss as I anticipated. I read more now annually than I have ever read in the past twenty to thirty years. I still have a book collection but it’s purpose has been redefined and some of it is due to the excessive availability of digital content. While there are some legacy books that made the cut, my Book collection/personal library has a new purpose and new rules.

With few exceptions, I now only buy new books that I have already read. I either want to read them again and/or gift a copy to another person. While I am proud of my small collection, there will be no new books that exist solely to provide ornamentation, social status or bragging rights beyond the joy they bring to me personally. You would think that would preclude me from obtaining best sellers or the next new title but it does not. I can obtain most, if not all of these, as digital content through the multiple public libraries I am a member of, not to mention the Amazon library I have access to as a prime member. I actually purchased a book from the library just the other day. I read it more than twenty years ago and look forward to reading it again, not to mention the fact that it is a beautiful edition.

All of this enables me to keep a smaller carbon footprint though my digital footprint is still growing by leaps and bounds. This also now begs the question I am currently being presented with. How much bookcase do I really need? Maybe a visit to Ikea will solve the problem. Suggestions?

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