A Cooler Morning

Today is the first day I have noticed that the temperature in my house is lower than I have the air conditioning set for. It’s cool outside and a good day for a walk. Now I don’t have to get up early for it to avoid the heat and I also have no excuse for putting it off. I am reminded that exercising when you don’t feel like it is the best time to do it.

I go outside and almost at once I’m glad I did as the solar rays burn away my procrastination. Other people who are also exercising or walking their dogs always say good morning and in that respect, today is no different. Something new did happen however. A neighbor having a garage sale called out and invited me over. She introduced herself and her mother who I immediately liked as she was raw and genuine, two very inviting qualities. We spoke about deeper things than just surface conversation like bad people, racism, and making real friends and it was over all too soon though I promised to come by and speak tomorrow.

The rest of my morning constitutional went well and I even ran for part of it. My knees don’t normally like this but today they cooperated somewhat though they warned me not to overdo it. The audio book I listened to was inspiring and profound and I found I wasn’t eager to turn it off once I got back home. I eventually do and boot up my computer to check my calendar. I then set out to accomplish a few tasks in between scheduled calls. This work and the calls themselves along with a sumptuous meal will constitute a good day and I’m all about that. Maybe I’ll even try out something new as well.

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