Where is My Council of Elders?

Youtube rules when it comes to a random variety of equally useful and useless information. I use that term ‘information’ loosely as you can never be sure how much of it is poorly informed opinion and/or fake news, but I do find it can be inspirational. One of the things I like to watch is the dialog between a small group of people whom I admire or respect. It doesn’t even matter to me what the subject is. I just like to be in the room, catch that vibe and be the recipient of random and unexpected jewels of wisdom. Believe it or not, when I’m at home I might even take notes. I definitely do this in group Zoom calls just below where I can be seen on screen.

Where is my council of elders? When I was young it was the barbershop. So much unexpected and random wisdom was dropped while I waited for my turn in the chair and finally got shaped up for the next few weeks. There were also rights of passage programs I was involved in. Some were well organized while some were just well-intentioned. Often in those programs, the knowledge I gained was in the conversations that happened in between or after the speakers said their piece.

Now as an adult I find myself often being called upon to be one of the elders. I do try to create and build mastermind groups. If you want to see something in the world you have to be willing to build it right? Most of these do not often last for various reasons that often involve ego, greed, and/or laziness but also from a lack of an enduring need to continue to grow and build as a lifestyle by the participants. Deep conversation and mutual mind sharpening is not enjoyed by all. It can be challenging, exhausting, and discomforting and not everyone is up for that.

I still want to sit and the feet of my elders and learn. Maybe it’s a holdover from my childhood. Maybe it is part of the drive that keeps me wanting to build, live, and grow. I don’t know where they are nor do I know which of them I can trust. Am I too old to have useful elders? Is it my place in life to be one of the elders now?

Oh, Elders, fleet and strong and wise, appear before my seeking eyes! – Billy Batson

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