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The year is winding down and I will need new goals for next year to add to the ones I didn’t complete this year. I’m still refining them and won’t be waiting until next year to start but one has got me sort of excited. It’s the thought of “Classing Up” my life.

For me, classing things up means upgrading the standard in various areas of my life or just my lifestyle. It’s limitless really as there are always things, processes, and situations I can improve. The key here is to pick specific things or areas to do better and set a new standard. It can be as simple as upgrading the kind of socks I purchase to changing how and when I update my resume. I am especially looking at areas in my life I take for granted as “good enough” or “not worth the energy.” I’ve already started and am treating it like playing a video game where each act of upgrading counts as a rewardable achievement. Not all require purchases, thank goodness, and not all upgrades have an obvious and immediate impact on my life but the game is definitely fun, and the benefits definitely stack.

According to Tony Robbins, “I always tell people if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it to you in one word: progress,” “Progress equals happiness.” If this is true, and at this moment in time I think it is, then classing up my life will create happiness in it. It kind of already is.

Maybe I should theme this as Upgreat instead of Upgrade. What do you think?

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